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  • YUMI™ Lashes is a treatment to lift and boost your natural lashes.
  • Made in France
  • No lash extensions needed.
  • Treatment takes 60-90 minutes and is very comfortable for the client.
  • The YUMI™ Lashes effect lasts between 8 and 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.
  • As well as brightening and 'lifting' the eye area, the YUMI™ Lashes effect has some anti-ageing qualities.
  • YUMI™ Tint alters and boosts the colour of the eyelash so that the treatment enhances the natural beauty 



YUMI™ LASHES Lash enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world.               

The launch of Lash Enhancement is a practical revolution recognised in the beauty world, which we launched in 2008.

All the clients who tried the YUMI™ LASHES treatment are delighted, and renew it on a regular basis.

All the beauty professionals who have applied the product are absolutely satisfied.

Instead of doing a traditional perm that simply curves your lashes, YUMI™ LASHES turns the eyelashes upwards, gives them Length, Height and Volume, and an appearance of having longer and thicker lashes.

Everyone would love to have a stunning gaze and longer lashes … YUMI™ LASHES is a new technique that lengthens your own lashes without using lash extensions.

YUMI Lashes Keratin Lash Lift

I'm the first trained YUMI Lashes Technician across Canada!

Keratin Mascara Nourish Lotion aftercare - $90

Ingredients: water, keratin, protein, not hormonal

Properties: Mascara Lotion can be used as a base before making-up with mascara and as a care for natural eyelashes.

The main component is keratin that envelops each eyelash, penetrates into, recovers lash structure and solves different problems. Keratin nourishes lash structure, ensures healthy lash growth, protects from negative environmental effects and burning in the sun.

Mascara Lotion is able to

Recover lash structure (glues cuticles)
Nourish your lashes
Keep your lashes less dry and fragile
Protect your lashes before making-up with mascara
Keep the cosmetic tint after lashes dyeing
Get more effective the result of lashes lifting (Yumi Lashes)
Protect your lashes from negative environmental effects (sun, wind, water)
Contribute to the growth of your lashes and prevent them from falling
Make your lashes more elastic and shiny